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The CYC Soccer Program is aimed to promote safe, fun and educational soccer to children ages 3-18. The objective of the soccer program is to develop intelligent, intuitive and creative soccer players with the correct technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills to succeed on the pitch. The CYC Soccer Program provides periodized and age-appropriate training for the youth soccer player.

CYC Soccer is holistic in nature for all ages. At the younger age groups, emphasis is on developing well-rounded athletes through a variety of fun games and activities, both with and without the ball. As children progress in age, the training becomes more sport-specific and emphasis shifts to technical development, followed by tactical know-how. Ultimately, a child who enters the program at age 3 and leaves at age 18 will be a well-rounded athlete with a propensity for playing the game of soccer and the ability to do so at the collegiate level.


The CYC Soccer Program is the recipient of the 2016 Cliff McCrath Fund through the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)!
Coach Mary Stammers named recipient of the NSCAA Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund!