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The Hofmann Family Foundation

A $1,000,000 gift from The Hofmann Family Foundation started the process and vision in 1995, and today the Community Youth Center (CYC) is a state-of-the-art youth sports and academic complex.  
CYC was started to help address growing concerns regarding cutbacks in youth programs at a time when young people were being forced to deal with problems like gangs, drugs and crime.  Unfortunately, those 1995 problems and concerns still exist in today's society.  CYC has helped many kids over the past 19 years, and willingly continues to do so today.
The Hofmann Family Foundation, along with other private funding, continues to support CYC.  The Foundation believes that through controlled sports training and education augmentation, today's youth that take advantage of CYC programs and services will develop discipline, dedication and desire to better themselves. Acquiring those attributes will start them well on their way to securing confidence and self-esteem to develop a strong foundation to build on as they mature.