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Welcome to the Community Youth Center

The Community Youth Center (CYC) is a state-of-the-art sports and academic center where youth ages 3 to 18 thrive in a dynamic and positive environment.  A $1,000,000 gift from The Hofmann Family Foundation opened CYC in September 1995 to provide such a place for the youth of Concord and the surrounding communities.
Each year, the center has continued to grow with more than 1,900 members participating today.  CYC staff and volunteers work hard every day to support young student athletes.  CYC is proud to manage 10 sports programs and an Academic Excellence center.  Combined, these programs help members manage their time effectively so they can become even better students and athletes.
CYC is staffed with outstanding coaches who specialize in delivering quality instruction and genuinely care about kids.  Together our world class coaches and program directors work to develop the child's athletic ability, but more importantly, to teach the intangibles such as discipline, dedication and desire.  
For only $33 a month, participants learn, work and play together in a first-class athletic facility that truly provides a sense of community.  CYC also offers family discounts and scholarships for those unable to afford the monthly membership fees.  Members may enroll in as many recreational programs as they want for the one monthly fee as there are no per class costs.  In the Academic Excellence Rooms students are able to work together with instructors and volunteer tutors if they need extra help.  Some members only do one sport, while others participate in several.  
In addition to recreational programs, CYC offers competitive team training opportunities for those hoping to excel at a higher level.  The recreational and competitive programs are offered year-round with extra weekly camps throughout the summer.  
CYC is not a drop-in day care facility or an after-school youth meeting place.  Students must be enrolled in a class or working on academics for any given time they are at the Center.  CYC promotes structure, discipline and order in a young person's life.  
The goal of CYC is to teach youth basic core values that will help lay the foundation for developing inner strength and self confidence to become good people and future productive members of the community.  In addition to classes and competitive teams, CYC also hosts various sporting events.  From the Golden Glove Championships to the International Greco Roman Wrestling Tournament to the Junior Olympics, CYC supports youth on many levels.
To truly understand the impact the Community Youth Center has on young people, one just needs to visit the Center in the afternoon and early evening.  We welcome you to stop by and visit the facility, meet our coaching staff and program directors and experience the positive atmosphere and disciplined philosophy the Center teaches on a daily basis.
Community Youth Center
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Sports help to develop key characteristics and behaviors in youth, and if done correctly can build a foundation for success in life.  The key to guaranteed success is a balance between sports and academics.  Our Academic Excellence program is designed to augment our athletes’ existing studies, and to help them manage their time effectively, so they can become even better students and athletes.