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Mission & Vision

CYC Mission

Maintain an environment, comprised of facilities, staff and volunteers that guarantee young individuals a chance to develop and grow in athletics, academics and life.  Deliver this service with a high level of encouragement, support, structure and discipline, in a safe, rewarding and positive manner.

CYC Vision

  • Attract and retain young boys and girls from disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Provide services with no financial barriers to those in need. Build a culture where CYC members blend in and feel comfortable growing at their own pace.
  • Earn the respect of CYC members so they feel comfortable asking for help.
  • Encourage the discipline in CYC members so they help each other to grow in a positive manner.
  • Enhance the lives of CYC members by developing a balance between sport, education and family.
  • Encourage CYC members to develop skills that will allow them to compete at the highest level they choose.
  • Stress the importance of time management as a key discipline to success in life.

CYC Goals

  • Maintain expert level coaching in all programs.
  • Augment each member’s educational development.
  • Partner with other civic and private organizations to broaden the assistance available to our members.
  • Maintain a culture that respects and supports employees, and encourages them to develop their skills and talents.
  • Sustain positive growth through “word of mouth.”