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The Big C Relationship

Another key component of the success of the Community Youth Center model is its relationship with the neighboring Big C Athletic Club. The Big C and CYC share a special cooperative partnership that directly impacts the youth of the Bay Area.  First, these two organizations work together to encourage and foster family health and fitness.  The Big C offers memberships to CYC families at significantly reduced fees.  While their kids are participating in sports and academic programs at CYC, family members can just walk across the street to The Big C and take part in their own health and fitness programs. Secondly, CYC and The Big C Athletic Club share a unique landlord-tenant relationship.  Through the generous donation of the Hofmann Family, CYC is the owner of the land and the building of The Big C Athletic Club. Thus, the continued success of The Big C directly impacts the core funding of CYC.  With these two entities growing, CYC will continue to play a key role in reaching Bay Area youth.

Click here to visit The Big C Athletic Club Website.

CYC Family Members are eligible for a special rate when joining the Big C Athletic Club. See the flyer below for more information.