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How is CYC different from other youth centers?
CYC offers youth ages 3 to 18 the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic and positive environment through sports and academics.  CYC is not a drop-in day care facility or an after-school youth meeting place.  Students must be participating in one of the athletic classes or working on academics during their time at the Center.  CYC promotes structure, discipline and order in a young person's life.
What sports or programs does CYC offer?
CYC offers recreational programs in boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, cheerleading soccer and sport specific conditioning. All of this is augmented with the Academic Excellence Center where students can do homework on their own, or get help from tutors.
Does CYC offer any team opportunities or have any Summer Camps?
Yes, CYC offers competitive team training opportunities in several of the sports programs for those hoping to excel at a higher level.  And, in addition to regularly scheduled classes, camps are offered throughout the summer in all programs.
What would a typical week be like?
CYC can often be thought of as a "mall".  Many members take advantage of the CYC model and participate in multiple programs.  CYC classes run continuously, year-round.  For example, on Monday a member can complete homework immediately after school from 3 to 4 p.m., then take a Taekwondo class from 4 to 4:45 p.m., and follow up with time in the weight room from 5 to 6 p.m.  On Tuesday that same member may take three entirely different classes, or perhaps spend more time on their academics.  Schedules are flexible for children, and variety helps prevent staleness or burnout with a single program.  Youth should be encouraged to participate in multiple activities to diversely develop their motor skills. Participating in multiple enriching activities at a young age will set foundations for healthy lifestyles going forward.
How qualified is CYC coaching staff?
CYC has both full-time and part-time coaches with extensive experience in their respective sports fields.  You can learn more about the coaching staff by visiting each program page on the website and clicking on the Coach Profile.  Coaches work together with program directors to develop the child's athletic ability, but more importantly, to teach the intangibles such as discipline, dedication and desire.
How do I register my child for CYC?
Enrollment forms are available online under the Parents section or in the Customer Service Office. You must fill out a release form for each child and bring it to the office to initiate membership. Then, after your child becomes a member, you may register them for classes.
How much does a membership cost?  How much does each class cost?
CYC is a membership-based program.  There are no per class charges or enrollment fees.  Membership fees are $33 per month.  For certain advanced competitive programs, there are increased training dues added to the monthly fees.  These costs are still a fraction of most private costs, and also can be waived for those needing financial assistance.  Cost should never prevent a child in need from participating in CYC programs.
Is there a family discount?
Yes!  Membership dues for the first month are $33 per child.  After the first month the CYC Membership Fee Schedule is as follows:
Single Youth Membership (1 child only) $33 per month
2 Youth Membership (2 children) $50 per month
3 Youth Membership (3 children) $67 per month
4 Plus Youth Membership (4 or more children) $84 per month
Are scholarships available?
Yes!  Scholarships are available.  To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the scholarship application (located under Forms) and attach income verification.  Enclose all forms and information in a sealed envelope and either mail or hand deliver to the attention of CYC Scholarship Committee.  Please mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL.
What are the financial parameters used to determine if a scholarship is awarded?
All scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis.  A committee reviews all scholarship applications.  It is up to the discretion of such committee as to the approval or denial of a scholarship.
How long is a scholarship valid?
Scholarships are normally approved for a one-year period.  However, they vary depending on what type of scholarship.  There are four major types of scholarships:
• Monthly Dues
• Summer Camp
• Special Events
• Uniforms/Other
How do I register for classes?
There are two ways to register for classes. If your child is currently a CYC member, you may register for a class over the phone by speaking with the registration desk.  If your child is not currently a CYC member, then you must register in the office during open registration.
When do classes start?
CYC classes are year-round and categorized based on ages, skills and programs.  Certain programs may have seasonal activities; however most of our classes run on a continuous basis. 
My child stopped taking classes, so why am I still receiving a bill? Since CYC is a membership-based program your child need not be enrolled in a class to be a member.  You will need to cancel your membership should you decide to discontinue membership.  Canceling your membership is the only way to ensure you will not be billed the monthly membership dues.
How do I cancel my membership?
You may cancel your membership by mail, email or phone.  If necessary, we ask that you please cancel a membership with CYC Accounts Manager 72 hours prior to the end of the month.
Do you prorate membership dues?
No.  Memberships are billed by calendar month.  If your child only comes for one day in a one-month period they are billed the same as a child that comes 20 days.
Why was my child dropped from his/her class?
The most common reason a child is dropped from class is due to absences.  Please review the absence policy on the Parents Page. Please note - just because your child was dropped from a class does not mean the membership is cancelled.
May I volunteer to work at CYC?
Yes, we are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, special events, team travel, tutoring, summer camp activities, our garden project etc.  We appreciate any time that can be given.  Please contact the program director of the program you are interested in volunteering for. He/she will have the best information on ways to help out.
Can I make a donation to CYC?
Donations are very much appreciated.  Please visit the Support CYC section of the website for donation and gifting opportunities.  We truly appreciate your support of CYC and its mission to help kids.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at (925) 671-7070.
How many CYC members are there?
Currently there are more than 1,900 CYC members. On any given day over 300 - 400 student athletes may be participating in classes.
What is the Academic Excellence Center?
The AE program is designed to better students academically and socially.  CYC helps students balance their educational and sports activities by providing an environment suitable for homework and educational activities.  It is an independent study classroom with tutors available.  CYC staff stresses the importance of an education on a consistent, supportive and daily basis.
How is CYC Funded?
The Hofmann Family Foundation, along with other private fundraising efforts, continue to support CYC each year.  CYC holds annual fundraisers, such as the CYC Annual Golf Challenge, and the Annual Amateur Boxing show, addition to smaller program fundraising events.