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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasizes kicking techniques but also includes many hand strikes and other movements. The movements may be powerful and explosive, but also graceful, and when well-executed, beautiful to watch.
The art of taekwondo can be thought of as a competitive sport, as a method for self-defense, an art form similar to dance, an aerobic exercise system, a means of developing concentration and self-discipline, a philosophy, and many other things. Traditional taekwondo training teaches students to challenge themselves, to respect others, to persevere through difficulty, and many other virtues that will last throughout their lives.
Although taekwondo, on the surface, is a physical activity, its ultimate purpose is to contribute to the development of the entire person. Good physical health helps maintain a clear mind, and the focus and concentration students develop in their CYC taekwondo training should carry over to their academic work. Learning to train hard together with other students teaches mutual respect, and the structure of the rank system teaches respect for seniors. The traditions and long history of taekwondo give a dimension and depth that few other activities can offer.
Class Structure
Taekwondo training can accommodate all kinds of people, so anyone can participate and gain from it. The CYC taekwondo classes are structured to create a safe and positive environment. The classes are divided by age group and experience level. As students progress, they periodically take tests and are promoted in rank. The ranks are denoted by various colored belts to signify their level of training. Promotion requirements are listed, so students can learn and progress in an orderly fashion.
The CYC coaching staff strives to instill the basics, expecting that as each student progresses; he or she will find areas in which to excel later on. Those who want to can even compete in tournaments, either in sparring events or in forms competition. In fact, CYC offers a tournament team to provide specialized extra coaching for students who are interested and motivated to compete.
The goal of the CYC taekwondo program is to inspire students to strive for excellence in everything they do. Thus, each student is encouraged by the coaching staff to set a goal of achieving the black belt rank (the highest rank). With a big goal in mind, they learn to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles along the way and achieve something they can take pride in.