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Judo is a fun sport, a physical and mental discipline, a martial art form, a recreational activity, a means of self-defense and a fitness program. It is all of these and much more. Judo is not only a wonderful sport for boys and girls to develop self-confidence; it is an activity where the skills learned are transferable to many other sports. Some of the benefits to be gained through judo training include improved physical fitness, flexibility, power, coordination and conditioning. Athletes who participate in judo develop a sharp mind and a well-coordinated body. Discipline, patience, respect, honor, leadership and self-confidence are other qualities to be gained through the sport of judo.
The goal of The CYC Judo Program is to teach this sport to boys and girls, so they can enjoy it as both a recreational and a competitive sport. CYC coaching staff believes judo training helps prepare students to be more confident, patient and content young people. For those gifted and dedicated students, there are many opportunities to participate in competitions at local, regional, national and even international levels. The big dream of young judo enthusiasts would be to represent the United States at the Pan Am Games and/or the Olympic Games. However, the most important aspect of judo at CYC is to influence student athletes to be self-sufficient, contributing members in the community!

Class Structure

The judo reward system is to teach and promote students with colored belts (from White Belt to Black Belt). The students are taught and then given required tests based on the guidelines provided by both USA Judo (United States Judo, Inc.) and KJA in USA. As student athletes pass tests, they are rewarded with new colored belts/stripes and new goals in which to strive. It is our sincere hope and aspiration for young people at CYC to dream big and work diligently every day to achieve their goals in life!