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CYC Gymnastics

Welcome to the CYC Gymnastic Program, one of the best programs in Northern California.  The Head Coach, Michael Guzman, has 32 years of extensive training in the sport of gymnastics.


Our primary goal is to develop well-rounded individuals through gymnastics in a fun, safe, caring and structured environment.


CYC offers the Dyno-Kids Program for children 3 to 5 years, and for children 6 and up, the Skill Level Program.  We also believe in allowing the children to grow to their highest potential through our Competitive Team Program.


"Gymnastics will enrich their mental and physical growth; an asset they will carry into the future.'


- Michael Guzman



Class Structure


At CYC, we try to offer more than just a place for recreational gymnastics.  We try to provide a positive learning experience for your son or daughter.  To allow each child's development in a safe and positive manner,  our classes have a desired 8 to 1 student to teacher ratio (6 to 1 for the Dyno-Kids Program).


Each gymnast is allowed to progress at his or her own level.  To do this we use two different levels programs called "Dyno Level Achievement Program" and “The Skill Level Achievement Program”.  Both of them provide a means for gymnasts to advance from level to level.