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CYC Cheerleading

The CYC Cheerleading Program is designed to teach girls and boys of all ages about the sport of cheerleading. Not only does this program offer training in tumbling, stunting, motions, and jumps, it also provides students with values to use for life. Becoming a part of a cheerleading team teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, desire, leadership, time management, etc. Because this program requires students to spend a lot of time together and to rely on each other, this program also places a great emphasis on friendship, trust and fun.
The CYC Cheerleading Program is a multi-level program that includes basic fundamentals all the way to advanced competition. Curriculum is geared to meet the needs of CYC students and to prepare them for possible competitive opportunities. CYC classes have main learning components: proper warm-up, which includes stretching and lead-up exercises, motions, jumps, kicks, tumbling and stunting. The recreational classes are designed to teach students the skills required to participate on a competitive team. However, recreation classes are less serious than a competitive team and have a greater emphasis on having fun and enjoying the sport. These classes are great for kids who are just joining the sport and are not sure if it is the right sport for them. It is also great for kids who participate in a number of sports and do not have enough time to commit to a competitive team.