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The CYC Boxing Program is the cornerstone and oldest program at the center. Over the years, CYC has produced some outstanding boxers and continues to do so today. But more importantly, the program has taught and developed core values in young boys and girls that will help them in all areas of their lives. The coaching staff proudly teaches the values of respect, camaraderie, tenacity, sportsmanship, honor, and especially the three D's of the CYC: Discipline, Dedication and Desire.

Class Structure

As a beginner, boxers will be integrated into the sport slowly, incorporating stretching, proper hand-wrapping techniques, and enjoyable warm-up drills. Head Coach Gary Sullenger believes that in order to get kids to work hard, you need to keep them interested and having fun too. Warm-up routines such as indoor soccer, dodge ball and sprout ball help set that tone. Rhythm, basic footwork and combinations are key components that are taught during the early stages of an athlete's boxing development. Careful attention is paid to this portion of training as it lays the foundation for all future development. The basic technique taught for conditioning at this level is work on the heavy bags, jumping rope and running. As athletes continue, they learn defensive techniques including punch avoidance, blocking and counter punching. Depending on athlete skill development, sparring may begin to take place at this level. However, this happens only when the coach believes the athlete is ready.
When an athlete progresses to the intermediate, advanced and/or competitive levels, the intensity picks up. A strong love for the sport helps carry the athlete through the tougher workouts. Warm-up exercises include stretching, running, mirror boxing, under wire punching, jump rope and advanced footwork routines. The coaching staff also includes fun, lighter warm-up games during training. At this stage of training, double end bag, speed bag, upper cut bag and punch mitt drills with the coaching staff are key components of the program. The partner concept is incorporated to keep more kids training concurrently. One-on-one drills, punching, counter punching and defensive positioning are key skills learned and enhanced through partnering strategies. At all levels, the coaching staff utilizes videotaping and training review, sparring and competition to identify areas that need attention in an athlete's boxing development and regiment. Also, once an athlete reaches the team level, weight management and diet are extremely important components of training. The coaching staff assists the athlete in nutritional education and planning.
When you become a member of CYC and participate in boxing, you are taught from the beginning to help and support the other members of the program. Coach Sullenger works very hard at managing the competitive boxers and selecting the appropriate matches. The CYC Boxing Program hosts and travels to several competitions throughout the year. These are all part of the team's activities. The CYC Boxing Program strives to learn and enjoy the sport of boxing together as a family unit.


Thank you to Title Boxing for their support of the CYC Boxing Program!