Community Youth Center

Open enrollment for non-session class is May 1, 2017 beginning at 9 am. Early arrival suggested.  CYC Summer Camps are now open for enrollment at the front office.  Summer Camp Scholarship Applications are due no later than May 26, 2017. CYC will be closed July 3-July 4, 2017 in observation of Independence Day!
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Mission & Vision

CYC Mission

Maintain an environment, comprised of facilities, staff and volunteers that guarantee young individuals a chance to develop and grow in athletics, academics and life.  Deliver this service with a high level of encouragement, support, structure and discipline, in a safe, rewarding and positive manner.

CYC Vision

  • Attract and retain young boys and girls from disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Provide services with no financial barriers to those in need. Build a culture where CYC members blend in and feel comfortable growing at their own pace.
  • Earn the respect of CYC members so they feel comfortable asking for help.
  • Encourage the discipline in CYC members so they help each other to grow in a positive manner.
  • Enhance the lives of CYC members by developing a balance between sport, education and family.
  • Encourage CYC members to develop skills that will allow them to compete at the highest level they choose.
  • Stress the importance of time management as a key discipline to success in life.

CYC Goals

  • Maintain expert level coaching in all programs.
  • Augment each member’s educational development.
  • Partner with other civic and private organizations to broaden the assistance available to our members.
  • Maintain a culture that respects and supports employees, and encourages them to develop their skills and talents.
  • Sustain positive growth through “word of mouth.”